.:Christian Labels and Merchandise  
ts, etc.)
Bombworks Records
CD Baby Christian Metal
Christian Discs
Christian Metal Distribution
Christian Rock/Metal Merchandise
Divine Metal Distro 
EEE Recordings
Extreme Records
Facedown Records
Fear Dark
Girder Music
In Christ Records
Nightmare Records
Nokternal Hemizphear
Nordic Mission
Rivel Records
Shaver Music
Starve The Flesh -- CDs and Clothing
Raging Storm Records

Angelic Warlord
Holy Steel --Italian Christian webmagazine for metal and rock music     
The Metal Resource (from The Netherlands)
White Lights -- Christian Metal Happenings Throughout The World
.:Christian Metal Radio
Almighty Metal Radio
Intense Radio
Metal Blessing Radio
Sanctus Gladius Radio
Thunderground Radio
.:Christian Metal Forums
Christian Metal Realm
Endtime Productions and Nordic Mission
The Blackened Hymns Forum
The Chamber of Solace
Sanctuary International
.:Christian Metal links
Catholic Extreme Music LInks 
Christian metal links (bands)
Endtime Productions
Guitar Jams!-- Pastor Brad
Jesus Metal
Metal for Jesus
Roxx Productions

 .: Recording Studios

Selah Recording
T and J Production