.:The Cross Stream List of Christian Metal CDs:.


7 Days – The Weight of the World, Into Forever

A Covenant in Blood – Demo

A Plea For Purging – A Critique of Mind and Thought

A Hill To Die Upon – Infinite Titanic Immortal, Omens, Holy Despair

A.W.A.S. - Hope

A Brutal Christmas –A Season of Chaos

Adam Watts – Crawl EP

Adiastasia – Life War

Admonish – Den Yttersta Tiden, Insnärjd

Aletheian – Dying Vine, Apolutrosis

Alice Cooper – The Last Temptation

Amos – A Matter of Time, Lost Essence

And Then There Were None – And Then There Were None

Angel 7 – Black and White

Anima Di Morte - Demo

Antestor – The Forsaken, Det Tapte Liv, Martyrium, The Return of the Black Death, Omen

Antidemon – Anillo De Fuego, Satanichaos

Antithesis – Dying For Life

Apostisy – Blood The Covers All Sin, Beginning of Sorrows, Famine of a Thousand Frozen Years

Arch of Thorns – The Coming Storm/Sword of the Spirit (split)

Aristaeus – The Raven King

Ark – Burn The Sun

Armageddon Holocaust – Radioactive Zone 245, Nekrofonik

Arnion – Fall Like Rain

Arvinger – Helgards Fall

As I Lay Dying – Frail Words Collapse, An Ocean Between Us, Shadows Are Security

Ascendant – The Alteration, Serenity

Ascension Theory -- Answers

Ashen Mortality – Your Caress/Sleepless Remorse

Audio Vision – The Calling

Avian – From The Depths of Time

Azbuk – Compilation for Eternity

Azmaveth – Strong As Death

Babylon Mystery Orchestra – Poinium Cherem

Back Pocket Prophet – 1:4

Balance of Power – Perfect Balance, Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion

Banshee – Volume I

Baraque’s Lord – Renewal By The Fear

Barren Cross – Atomic Arena, State of Control, Paid in Blood

Barricades – Barricades, Blood Combines

Bealiah – Anthology of the Undead

Becoming the Archetype – Terminate Damnation, The Physics of Fire, Dichotomy, Celestial Completion, I Am

Beeroth – Himnos De Ceremonia Funebre

Behead Demons/Hortor - Split

Belica – For All

Believer – Gabriel

Beloved – Failure On

Benea Reach – Monument Bineothan

Berith – Symphony of the Suffering

Besieged – Atlantis, The Curse of the Two Dragons

Bestiary – The Murder Wheel

Bestir – Demo 2009

Blindside – Silence

Blissed – Waking Up The Dead, Corrosive

Blood Covenant – The Blood of the New Covenant, Day of the Lord, Sign of Time

Blood Drift – Thrusting Plagues

Blood For The Masses - demo

Blood Of The Martyrs – Once More With Feeling

Blood Thirsty – Sanguine River Absolution

Bloodgood – To Germany With Love!

Bloodline Severed – Fear Reality, Visions Revealed

Bloodlined Calligraphy – They Want You Silent

Bloodwork – Deny The Fallen, World Without End

Borgazur – Alchemists Earth of Aeon A.C.

Braquet -- Braquet

Breath of Life – Goodbye (Proud World)

Brian “Head” Welch – Save Me From Myself

Bride – Kinetic Faith, Snakes In The Play, Scarecrow Messiah, The Jesus Experience, Fist Full of Bees

Broken Flesh – Forever In Flames

Brutal Sacrifice - Bruxos de Gadara

Cage – Hell Destroyer, Science of Annihillation

Century Sleeper - Awake

Cerimonial Sacred – Our War Is Only Against Hell

Christageddon – Metal Unblack

Christian Metal Fellowship – Compilation Vol. 1

Christian Metal Realm – Thorns of Redemption, The Narrow Path

Christian Von – Eat the Flesh, Distant Shores

Circle of Dust – Disengage

Common Yet Forbidden – The Struggle

Comunidad del Metal – Clamando por mi tierra

Coram Deo – Evangelion, Death Is Dead

Coriolis - Coriolis

Cosyns – S/T

Crimson Armada, The – Guardians

Crimson Moonlight – The Covenant Progress, Veil of Remembrance, Songs from the Archive, In Depths

 of Dreams Unconscious

Crimson Thorn – Dissection, Unearthed

Crossforce – Rockin’ Til The Final Day

(The) Crucified – Take Up Your Cross, The Pillars of Humanity

Crutch – Hope Prevails

Cryptic Embrace – Passion Of The Christ

Cybergrind -- Transcend

Dalit – Dalit

Dark Endless – Dark End Times

Dark Woods – In The Protection of the Strong Tower

Dark Sky – Edge Of Time

DarkLayStill – Through Hell…

Darkness Before Dawn – Kings’s To You

Darkwater – Callling The Earth To Witness, Where Stories End

David Benson – Purpose Of The Cross

Day of Ascension – Demo 2007

dbeality – s/t

Dead Poetic – Four Wall Blackmail

Dead Silence – Macabra Miseria

Death Poems – Pseudoprophetæ

Deborah – The Song of Deborah, Soteria

Defyance – Transitional Forms

Deliverance – A Decade of…, Camelot in Smithereens

Delorean – Dauntless

Demize – Demize

Demon Hunter – Summer of Darkness, The Triptych

Demoniciduth-Sabbatariam – Split CD

Deus Invictus – Staged In Awaiting

Deuteronomium – Street Corner Queen, From the Midst of the Battle, Retaliatory Strike, The Amen

Devotam – Para Sempre Guerreiro da Luz

Diamoth – Distorkion, Under the Wings of Grace (split w/Dying Blaze)

Disciple – Rise Up, This Might Sting A Little

Divine Symphony – Reject Darkness, The History

Divinefire – Hero, Glory Thy Name, Into a New Dimension

Dogwood – More Than Conquerors, Reverse Then Forward Again

Dominator Et Sanctum – Omega

Dormant – Consolamentum

Doxology – Demo

Dracma – Perfect Creation

Dracmas - Demo

Dream Quest – The Release, Centralia

Drottnar – Welterwerk, Spiritual Battle, Stratum

Dying Blaze – Under the Wings of Grace (split w/Diamoth)

Ecthirion – Apocalyptic Visions

Electrik – Love Buzz Harmony

Elgibbor – The Inextinguishable Blaze, Stronger Than Hell, Fireland, Repent or Perish, War

Endless Funderal – A Second Beginning, Dawn Of Rebirth

Endtime Prophecy – Dead Society

Enshrouding – Volatile Times, Arise New Army

Eowyn – Identity

Erlösung – Christmas ist Krieg

Essence of Sorrow – Reflections of the Obscure

Eterna -- Papyrus

Eternal Decision – Ghost in the Machine

Eternal Emperor – In The Beginning

Eternal Flight – Under the Sign of Will

Eternal Mystery – Split, Flesh Separation

Eulabes – Out Of The Void

Eulogium – Where Solace Is Mine

Evergrace - Evergrace

Every Knee Shall Bow - demo

Evroklidon – The Flame of Sodom

Exaudi – Ein Stein, Sehnsucht

Exegesis - Lágrimas de Sangre, Espiritu Artificial

Exousia – Conquer, Serpiente De Bronce, Welcome to the Kingdom of Light

Exit 40 - Mytopia

Extol – Mesmerized, Paralysis, Synergy, The Blueprint Dives, Undeceived, Burial, Extol

Extreme Mardi Gras 2002

Exultet – I Soldati della Croce

Faith Factor – Against a Darkened Sky

Fall of Echoes – Red Tree

Falling Cycle – The Conflict

Fearscape – Scent of Divine Blood, Sleep in Light

Feast Eternal – Prisons of Flesh, With Fire

Final Axe – Beyond Hell’s Gate, The Axe of the Apostles

Fire Throne – Day of Darkness and Blackness

Fires Of Babylon – Fires Of Babylon

Flagship – Maiden Voyage

Flamma Ignis – La Muerte ha Salido de Caceria

Flaskavsae – In Memory, Christmas

ForChristSake – Death Is But A Breath Away

From Ashes – As The Leaves Fall

Frost Like Ashes – Tophet, Pure as the Blood Covered Snow, Born to Pieces

Frosthardr – Makteslos, Varg

Geistkrieg – demo

Gnoma - Muerte Sepultada

Golgotha – Ceremonia En Vivo

Goliath – The Gate

Golden Resurrection – Glory To My King, Man With A Mission

Grave Declaration – The Nightshift Worshiper, When Dying Souls Scream Praise

Grave Forsaken – Beside The River of Blood, Destined for Ascension, Fight to the Death, This Day Forth

Grimmark – S/T

Guardian – First Watch, Buzz

Harmony – Dreaming Awake, End of My Road, Chapter II: Aftermath

Harvester of Souls – The Separation of Wheat from Chaff, Visions of an Apocalyptic Wasteland

Haven – Age of Darkness, Your Dying Day

Hawthorn – Thorns And Blood

HB – Frozen Inside, Piikki Lihassa

Head Wound – Crown of Thorns, Place of Skull

Heartcry – Lightmaker

Herlighet – A Warrior Never Dies

Hero – Bless This Nation

Hguols – Epitome

Hilastherion – Taken from Darkness, Signs Of The End

Himmelriket – Dead To Sin But Alive In Christ

Hodah – Divine Consolation

Holy Blood – The Wanderer, Waves Are Dancing, The Patriot

Holy Soldier – Holy Soldier, Promise Man

Hope For The Dying – Hope For The Dying, Dissimulation, Aletheia

Horde – Hellig Usvart (10th Anniv. Reissue), Alive in Oslo

Horrific Majesty – The Shadows Eternal

Hortor – Demo, By the Sword of the Almighty Emperor, Decapitacion Absoluta Al Falso Profeta, Dios De Dioses

Hypersonic – Inspiration is Transpiration, Fallen Melodies

Icarus – Busca y Encontratas


Illuminandi – The Beginning, Illumina Tenebras Meas

Images of Eden – Sunlight of the Spirit

Immortal Souls – Ice Upon The Night, Under the Northern Sky

Impelletteri – Eye of the Hurricane

Impending Doom –  There Will Be Violence

In Grief – Deserted Soul

In Process - Memento

In The Midst Of Lions – Shadows

In Vain – Will The Sun Ever Rise

Incarnate – Believe In Me, Incarnate

Incrave (formerly Evergrace) – Dead End

Indwelling – And My Eye Shall Weep

Inevitable End – Reversal, The Severed Inception

inExordium – inExordium

InnerSiege – Kingdom Of Shadows

Inside Mankind – Angels Fire

Intensity Shift – S/T

Inward – Demo

Ivory Moon – Human Nature

Jacob’s Dream – Drama of the Ages, Theater of War

Jesus Wept – Show’s Over

Jim Kalenian – That None Should Perish

Jon Hooper – Doorways To Other Worlds

Kekal – 1000 Thoughts of Violence

Kekal-Slechtvalk – Chaos and Warfare

King James – The Fall

Krig – Target: Human; Mission: Destroy

Kronicles – The Songmaker

Lament – Tears of a Leper

Last Battle – Through Thorns Up To The Stars

Laudamus – Lost in Vain

Lengsel – Solace, The Kiss The Hope

Liberdade Suprema – Palavra da Salvação

Liberty & Justice – Soundtrack of a Soul

Liberty N Justice – Chasing A Cure

Light Up The Darkness - Demo

Lightning Strikes Twice – Retroactive Records Sampler

Living Sacrifice – Conceived in Fire, In Memoriam

Lo-Ruhamah – Lo-Ruhamah, The Glory of God

Luminaria – Arche

Magdelen (not metal)

Majestic Vanguard – Beyond the Moon

Malchus – Didymos, Dom zły

Massive Scar Era – Unfamiliar Territory, Precautionary Measures

Megilloth – Anguish Inhabitanta (demo)

Mehida – Blood and Water, The Eminent Storm

Menchen – Red Rock

Mercy Rule – Overruled

Metatrone – The Powerful Hand, Paradigma

Michael James Mette – Always What I Need, Bring Forth The Light

Michael Phillips – Mirrors Within Mirrors

Mirador – The Azrael Tales

Mirtharoth – demo

Miseration – Your Demons – Their Angels

Mission of One – Show Me The Way

Modus Operandi – S/T

Monotheist – Unforsaken, Genesis Of Perdition

Morphia – Fading Beauty, Frozen Dust

Morgarten – Risen To Fight

Morgenroede – Single (Nemesis)

Mortal Treason – A Call to the Martyrs

Mortification – 10 Years Live, Not Dead; The Hammer of God, Triumph of Mercy, Erasing the Goblin,

EnVision EvAngelene, Primitive Rhythm Machine, Blood World, Scrolls of the Megilloth, Post Momentary Affliction, The Silver Cord Is Severed, The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine

My Silent Wake – Shadow of Sorrow

Narnia – The Great Fall, Desert Land, Enter the Gate, Course of a Generation

Necroblation – Ablation Of Death

Neizbezhnost – Would It Be Reasonable…

Neocracy – Instruments of Abandonment, The Instinct for Conflict

Neon Cross – Torn, s/t

Nephesh – Inter Armas Silent Leges

Nodes of Ranvier – The Years to Come

Northern Ash – The Age of Irrationality

Northern Flame – White Winternight and Demo, Glimpse Of Hope

Nostalgia – Nostalgia EP

O, Majestic Winter – Defiling the Serpent’s Temple

Oblivion -- Renewal

Of The Son – The Dead Will Rise

Oil – Choice Cuts Off The Chopping Block

Old Man Shattered – The Other Side of Fear

Once Dead – Visions of Hell

Onward To Olympas – Indicator

Opus Majestic – The Pain of God

Orationem – s/t

Oratorio – Redemption

Orphan Project – Spooning Out the Sea, Orphan Found, Orphan Project II

Oskord – Weapon Of Hope

Out Of The Mire – The World That Surrounds You

P K Mitchell – All Hail The Power

Pale Horse – Until The Last Seal Is Opened

Pantokrator – Blod, Songs of Solomon, Aurum, Incarnate

Parakletos – Offerlammets Makt

Paralisis - Cegado Del Mal

Paramaecium – Echoes from the Ground

Pastor Brad – Shred, The Kingdom Has Come, Telecaster, Out of the Hellhole, Christmas Shred

Penny for the Old Guy – The Strength of Solomon

Pertness – Seven Times Eternity

Petra – Jekyll & Hyde, Double Take, God Fixation, Revival

Pillar – Above

Place of Skulls – The Black Is Never Far

Poems of Shadows – Nocturnal Blasphemous Chanting

Post Mortum – Road Ahead, Rise Above Ruin

Precious Death – If You Must

Promise Land – Harmony In Ruins

Pursuit - Quest

Quest For Serenity – Within The Labyrinth

Rage of Angels – Rage of Angels

Random Eyes – Eyes Ablaze

Randy Rose – Into The Unknown

Recon – Live At Cornerstone 2001

RedSevn – His Pain, Your Gain

Rehumanize – Resident Apostasy

ReinXeed – The Light, Higher, Majestic

Relentless Flood - Stand

Renascent – Through Darkness, Demons’ Quest

Rent Veil – Praise, Honor and Glory

Requiem Eternam – In Memorium, The Empire of Kings, Stories Of Another Age

Retro Rocket -- Demo

Revelation Project – Revelation Project

Revelations Vol 1 – A Light In A Dark Place

Righteous Vendetta – Complexity of the Fallen

Rivera/Bomma – Invisible Force, I Am God

Rizin – In Ruins

Rob Rock – Holy Hell, Rage of Creation, Garden of Chaos, Eyes of Eternity

Rock Power Praise, Vol. 2 – Christmas Hymns

Roots of Tragedy – Awakening Beyond demo

Royal Anguish – Mysterion, A Journey Through the Shadows of Time, Tales of Sullen Eyes

Sacrament – Testimony of Apocalypse

Sacrecy – Sacrecy

Sacred – Beyond The End Of The World

Sacred Revelation – Revelations Of The End

Sacred Storm – Man Versus Machine

Sacred Warrior – Rebellion,

Sacrificium – Prey For Your Gods

Saint – Warriors of the Son, The Mark

Santifica – Negative B, Spirit of Purity, In the Bleak Midwinter

Saphena -- Das Leben wird zu Glas

Sardonyx – Linear Progression

Saskia – One Heart

Saving Grace – The King Is Coming

Savior Machine – Demo

Sáwol – Demo 2007

Scandinavian Metal Praise – Scandinavian Metal Praise

Schaliach – Sonrise

Scelerata – Darkness and Light

Sebaoth – Capitães de Guerra

Segor - Warmageddon

Selah – Selah

Settled in Silence – Demo, Grey Arms Wave Goodbye

Seven Angels – Faceless Man

Seventh Angel – Lament For The Weary, Heed the Warning

Seventh Avenue – Terium, Eternals

Seven Horizons – Seven Horizons

Se7enth Seal – S/T

Shadows of Paragon – Demo, Through the Valley Within

Shining Star – Enter Eternity

Showdown – A Chorus of Obliteration

Signum Regis – Exodus

Silent Lapse – Birthright

Siloam – Sweet Destiny

Sinai Beach – Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Skyliner – Light Comes Out of Black (demo)

Slechtvalk – At The Dawn of War, The War That Plagues the Lands, Thunder of War

Sleeping Romance – Enlighten

Soapbox – A Divided Man

Solace the Day – Solace the Day EP

Soldier – The Definitive Collection 85-89

Songs from the Penalty Box – various artists

Sons of Thunder – Circus of Power

Sorrowstorm - Onward

Sotahuuto – S/T, Ihmisen Jälki, Vastarintaan

Soteria – Sangre Derramada

Soul Embraced – Immune, For The Incomplete

Souljourners – demo, Mind Control

Spirit’s Breeze – Eternal Suffering

Spoken – A Moment of Imperfect Clarity

Stairway – Other Side of Midnight; No Rest, No Mercy

Stauros – Seaquake

Stavesacre – How to Live with a Curse

Stevie and the Saints – Eye On The Prize

Strange Land – Anomaly

Strangeland -- Strangeland

Stricken – Demo, Stricken

Stronghold – Cult of Remorse, Prayers from a Yearning Heart

Stryper – Against the Law, Reborn, In God We Trust

Summum Bonum – Felix Culpa

Supresion – Emerging Extermination

Suspiria Profundis – In War Against Satan

Sympathy – Abyssal Throne, Arcane Path, Anagogic Tyranny

Synnove – Synnove, The Whore and the Bride

Temple of Blood – Prepare For The Judgement of Mankind, Overlord

Teramaze – Doxology, Tears to Dust

Terraphobia - Evilution

Testify – Reborn, 24:27

The Burial – Lights And Perfections

The Collection Volume I – Tools of the Trade

The Seventh Power – Dominion And Power

The Souls Unrest – The Souls Unrest

The Synics Awakening – No Pity For A Coward

Theocracy – Theocracy, Mirror of Souls, As The World Bleeds

Thy Bleeding Skies – Chapters Of Downfall

Thy Majestie – Dawn, Echoes of War, Jeanne D Arc

Titanic – Maiden Voyage, Screaming In Slience

Tooth and Nail Classics – Hard

Torman Maxt – The Problem of Pain – Part 1, The Foolishness of God

Tornado – Triumph of the Kings

Tortured Conscience – Every Knee Shall Bow

Tourniquet – Microscopic View of Telescopic Realm, Where Moth & Rust Destroy, Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance

TowerofHundred – demo

Troglodyte Dawn – s/t

Trytan -- Sylentiger

Tykküs - Ümlaut

Ultimate Metal, Vol. 2

Ultimatum – Symphonic Extremities, …til the end!! EP, Puppet of Destruction

Underground Rot – Various Artists

Underoath – The Changing of the Times

Unforsaken – Not Alone, Prison Walls

United States of Mind – Silver Step Child

Unseen Faith – Comedy/Tragedy

Usynlig Tumult – Voices of the Winds

Uzias – J.V.D., Herencias Del Maldad

Vaakevandring – s/t

Vaande – Naade

Vanguard – Dragon Slayers

Vardoger -- Whitefrozen

Various – Prophecy Foretold-A Brutal Christmas Compilation

Various Artists – Faith in the Blood of Christ

Various Artists – Headbanging 201

Vengeance Rising – Released Upon The Earth, Human Sacrifice

Veni Domine – Fall Babylon Fall, Spiritual Wasteland, 23:59, IIII – The Album of Labour, Tongues, Light

Venia – In Our Weakness, Victory by Surrender

Veracious – Veracity

Virgin Black – Sombre Romantic, Requiem-Mezzo Forte, Requiem-Fortissimo

Visionaire – Within The Arcanum Hall

Visual Cliff – Freedom Within

Vociferor – Fall of Man

Vomitorial Corpulence – Karrionic Hacktician

War of Ages – War of Ages, Fire From the Tomb

We The Gathered – Believer

Wedding Party – Anthems

Whitecross – High Gear, In The Kingdom

Willow Mount – Vanitas

Wingdom -- Reality

Winter’s Dawn – Wandering Through the Realm of Frosted Beauty

Wintersoul – Frozen Storm Apocalylpse

Wisdom Call – Wisdom Call

With Blood Comes Cleansing – Golgotha

Within – The End Is Near

Within Silence – Gallery Of Life

Woe of Tyrants – Kingdom of Might

World to Ashes – Of What There Is To Come, In Contemplation Of Death

Wrathful Plague – The Frostbitten Path

X-Sinner – Fire It Up

Your Chance To Die - Suscitatio Somnus

Zao – Parade of Chaos, The Split (Training For Utopia)

Zurisadai – The Coming Of The Annihilation



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